Freelance journalist Melissa Chemam interviews Cleo Lake - Bristol’s former Lord Mayor and ambassador for its African-Caribbean culture, also now a Green Party Councillors. She talks about her views for positive change, Greens of Colours, her work in Ghana to connect Caribbean, British and African cultures, and how her projects have been affected by the lockdown...
Hope for the future webinar on 'A Climate of Crisis: COVID, COP26 and Political Leadership on the Road to Recovery'.

What will it mean to ‘build back better’? Who can deliver this? And how can we engage with them? This 4 day series exploring the post-COVID landscape for climate action will consider what will be needed to facilitate a just, sustainable and transformational recovery; where the power and influence to lead this transformation lies; and how we, as citizens, can support our elected representatives to create a resilient new society that is equipped for the challenges of the 21st century.
How can 21st Century Cities ensure that their opportunities can benefit all their citizens?

Chaired by Andrew Kelly, Director, Bristol Festival of Ideas. There is more wealth than ever before in the western world. Panellists from across the political spectrum explore whether the wealth always go to the right people, and how we can ensure that it is shared fairly. Panellists include Cleo Lake (Social justice activist, artist, Director Black Artists on the Move, Lord Mayor of Bristol 2018/19 Green Party), John Glen (MP for Salisbury) and Alan Lane, Artistic Director Slung Low.
Futsal868 Corner Talks is an online Meet-Up Series where global sporting professionals share their experiences & perspectives on the fastest growing indoor sport in the word - FUTSAL.

"The Role Sport Plays in Racial Inequality & Social Justice"
Our guests are: Councillor Cleo Lake
Former Lord Mayor of Bristol Mrs Sonja Johnson President of the Trinidad & Tobago Chess Association (TTCA), and Secretary of the Planning & Development Commission of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) Mr. Shabaka Kambon Communication Specialist and Founder / Executive Director of The Cross Rhodes Freedom Project
Green Lord Mayor Cleo Lake Leads Dance Workshop at Green Party Conference in Bristol City Hall
The 2020 Global Social Leaders Festival at Home, Black Lives Matter a panel discussion



I want to hear from you, how can I represent you and how do we bring more equality into our politics

This page has been produced by Cleo Lake as part of her campaign to be elected as the next Deputy Leader of the Green Party.