The Nominations for the Green Party Executive have now closed, and for the first time we have 6 candidates from the BAME community are standing for Leader, Deputy Leader, International Co-ordinator or Trade Union Liaison Officer.  As we begin July all candidates. including myself will be attending various hustings to give Green Party members the opportunity to decide who their favourite candidate for each role is.   

This is also a great opportunity for those of you that have voted for me in local elections or supported my work from afar to join the Green Party so that we can shape our future together.  New members who join in July will be allowed to vote in the Green Party Executive Elections.

We have three bands of membership depending on your income and circumstances to try to ensure that as many people as possible are included.  Find out more below.



I want to hear from you, how can I represent you and how do we bring more equality into our politics

This page has been produced by Cleo Lake as part of her campaign to be elected as the next Deputy Leader of the Green Party.