I joined the Green Party in 2015 and was elected as a Green councillor in 2016.  I served as the Lord Mayor of Bristol between 2018/19 and had direct impact on policies and practices in Bristol.  I know how to get things done.  I want to be your Deputy Leader. I believe I can help push the Party forward. I am the change candidate.  I will Lead and I will Listen.

I am of course aware of the political landscape for women and women of colour, which has been plagued by misogyny and racism.  Representation matters and by being elected as your deputy leader I hope to inspire others to enter politics.  I am A politician AND activist, an insider and an outsider, a peacekeeper AND also a fighter, driven by an UNWAVERING DESIRE FOR EQUALITY AND justice.  I believe that I will bring a new vision to the Party - combining creativity and diplomacy.

I am a skilled media performer - a 'people person' and would relish the opportunity to connect with communities across the UK.  I embrace diversity in its widest sense - and know first hand about the impact of prejudice and under representation.  I believe in a Glocal (global and local) approach to campaigns and politics, understanding that small local gains can have a ripple effect nationally and even globally.  Dialogue and communication  is important to me, to try and build consensus - but we cannot talk forever, action through serious campaigning, lobbying, and education is crucial to meet the multitude of challenges that continue to be presented at home and abroad. Leadership means listening and understanding - but it also means taking tough decisions when necessary.

As an arts advocate, and A creative, I would continue to incorporate an artistic element in my approach to leadership.  Creativity is central to who I am.  Creativity extends past a dance move, a poem or a sketch - it is a life beat, an ethos, a way of doing things, a reasoned intuition, often an ability to see better and do better, to emerge from a challenge with new responses.  I see many of the policies and situations that occur via our current political system and government as being the PRODUCTS of outdated convention and to say we need a completely different approach is a 'right (no) brainer'!  (Yes I like to have a laugh as well).

For me, the Green party represents the only credible opposition in the mainstream political arena. The Party combines a commitment to economic, social and environmental justice but it needs to be bolder in communicating the intersection of all three.

I am standing as your deputy leader and I pledge to:





We are not a single-issue party - we must do better to articulate the importance we place on social justice.  We also need to push more for cohesion and unity internally,  focusing on the things that we can agree on rather than being derailed or distracted by disagreements.  I am a proud Bristolian hailing from the City that gave birth to the earliest incarnations of the Equalities Act namely the Race Relations Act of 1965 that came about certainly at least in part, via the Bristol Bus Boycott.  However, it is very disappointing that in 2020 it is blatant that so much more still needs to be done to improve the conditions of those living on the margins and/or under the yoke of oppression.

The greatest challenges of today can only be achieved with collective work. We need to listen to others outside of the 'echo chamber' and listen to voices of wisdom. We must listen so that we may hear, so that we may understand, so that we can best forge a sustainable, JUST way forward for future generations.  Spiritual leaders and indigenous communities often say it is important to trace back seven generations and forecast forward seven generations.  That is to say, the decisions and actions we take today must be made in the context of considering seven generations ahead and sometimes we may need to go back to go forward.

I support the idea of 'Radical simplicity', meeting people where they are, making policies that are easy to understand and adopting a Glocal sense of being.  I am a bold, brave, multi ethnic woman and mother of colour.  I care deeply and fight hard whilst also finding moments of fun and joy along the way which is important.  I have a STRONG track record in elected politics and leadership and I want to work with you to HELP transform the world.


"You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time."

― Angela Davis

‘I am energised by our young people, how they understand the challenges that we must overcome in terms of equalities and the environment. It is my duty to mentor, support and guide them in whatever way I can.’
Cleo with activists  from Colston Girls on international women’s day  .


I want to hear from you, how can I represent you and how do we bring more equality into our politics

This page has been produced by Cleo Lake as part of her campaign to be elected as the next Deputy Leader of the Green Party